Helping Organizations Use Collaboration to Create Change & Take Action

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S & G Endeavors, helps organizations create change and take action, by using best practices for creating engagement and collaboration.  We custom design your experience with a change roadmap that sets your organization up for success.

Our collaborative conversations drive action.

Can we help your organization level-up and thrive?

  • Do you want to bring your stakeholders together to strengthen your overall impact?
  • Are you struggling with buy-in and commitment to your overall goals?
  • Are you trying to think of creative ways to change your community?
  • Are you having trouble establishing your organization’s overall mission or strategy?
  • Do you want to take your organization to the next level?

We can help you. Level Up!

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, see how our consulting services can help you increase collaboration and drive your organization toward action. If you want us to train a group of leaders and stakeholders in conducting their own groups and teams: try our Small Group Facilitation Training.  If you want to plan dynamic and engaging sessions to bring your community together online using creative media technologies, look at SGE MediaGroup.  To stay up with all  of our work please check out or subscribe to the S &G Endeavors News and click on our social icons to share us on your favorite social networks.

Our unique approach is structured enough to provide a clear roadmap yet specifically flexible to our clients and their stakeholders.  We help you facilitate the process, identify the changes, and create first steps toward action.

Jeremy facilitates the Bike Austin summit-you are able to see a large room of participants working together and Jeremy talking with the whole group from the front.

Photo Credit: Todd Savage, Austin TX

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Our videos highlight the impact of our development process

Check out, for the latest interviews with our clients and partners. Learn firsthand how they’ve used S & G to create change and action within their organizations and in their communities.

Bike Austin

An InPerson summit bringing together various stakeholders in the Austin, Tx. region for increase cycling awareness and advocacy. Click on this blog link to view more about their summit experience.


A Panel discussion of our online version of the summit using Maestro Conference. Check out more about this unique virtual process on our blog.

Bike East Bay

A great video discussing the organization and their planning summit. Visit our blog post to view more summit highlights.