About Us

Our consultants work with our clients to use collaborative methods to increase their success.

Who are we and what do we do?

At S & G Endeavors, we use collaboration to help our clients strengthen their overall success. Through our consulting, training, and media offerings, our clients gain strategic advantage, achieving more together collectively and creatively.

Our Outward Looking Vision

Our diverse clients use S&G collaborative approaches to drive organizational and community change, creating a positive and ennobling impact for their leaders, partners, and other engaged stakeholders across the globe.

S & G Endeavors facilitates their Engaged Change process to facilitate and  work with organizations to realize strategic change.  Whether you are looking to roll out a new platform, implement a new action plan for your group, or create a whole strategic plan for your organization, we can work with you to create a customized plan and process for moving forward with your whole team or company collaboratively.  The process engages a wide group of varying stakeholders in dialogue around creating an actionable and measurable strategic plan. This process is rapid-paced, engages stakeholders in a strong way, and results in increased buy-in from the community served by the client.

engaged change

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Principles that Guide our Work

Our Consultants

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