About Us

Our consultants work with our clients to use collaborative methods to increase their success.

Who are we and what do we do?

S & G Endeavors’ delivers strategic planning,
meeting facilitation, and organization development services to assist our
clients in strengthening collaboration and overall success. Our consultants
have over ten years of experience working with government, non-profit, and
for-profit organizations on a variety of strategic planning projects all geared
to improving overall effectiveness and efficiency. Differentiating us from our
competitors is our use of Whole Scale Change methods based on the guiding
principle that bringing the right people together with the right process allows
the organization to tap into the wisdom that the community brings and increases
ownership of the new strategies. S & G is proud that our clients report
that through our work, they have used a successful process that increases
buy-in, allows for participative decision-making, and engages participants in
capacity building dialogue.

Our Vision

S & G Endeavors desires to bring about organizational change by using principles of collaboration. Through our process, organizations increase their success, have action oriented results, and achieve more together, collectively and creatively.