Collaborative Planning

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Helping leaders, organizations, and communities use collaboration to create change and take action.

The team at S & G Endeavors believes that organizations and their leaders can best impact real change by working toward long term impact. Collaboration is key to an organization’s success, especially in today’s world where there is so much competition for resources, time and attention.

We design collaborative change that drives client action

With every engagement, our consulting services help you:

  • DESIGN a collaborative change process for the entire organization.
  • Facilitate a meaningful CHANGE experience for all participants.
  • Create structures that drive ACTION and increased buy-in for the future.

EC Roadmap

This process is best captured in our Engaged Change Process Road-map that outlines the steps and activities we use to facilitate our clients toward meaningful impactful change. Here is our latest blog post telling our story and describing our process for working with our clients.


S&G helps our clients with collaborative projects that are customized to meet your needs. Whether corporate, nonprofit, individual, or government agency; we work with you to ensure you achieve your outcomes by designing the right change approach to drive action, including the following examples:

Catalyst Meetings

Picture of workshop participants sitting in a circle-Jeremy is talking-people are listening and taking otes

Host a project launch meeting between a variety of agencies or partners that creates a unified and collaborative action plan.

“We brought a diverse group together from across the state and S&G Endeavors did a great job of working them through a process to identify common goals, objectives, and next steps to achieve a common good. They made the process well worth the time and effort.”

—David Laumer, former Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Arkansas Department of Transportation


Conduct a department, staff, or board retreat that results in increased team building and cohesive action.

GLCC Board Picture “I believe that S & G Endeavors’ skills and expertise helped our board achieve a unified understanding of what it means to work together and how to focus our energies toward fulfilling our mission.”

— Mark Guenther, Executive Director, DC GLBT Chamber of Commerce


Long-term change initiatives

Facilitate a series of custom-design meetings to create action that results in long-term change.

Jeremy facilitates the Bike Austin summit-you are able to see a large room of participants working together and Jeremy talking with the whole group from the front.

Photo credit to Todd Savage, Austin TX

  “Working with the team at S & G Endeavors made the merger exciting. Between the technical challenges of merging two very different organizations and the participants different visions of what a group should look like, the prospect of the merger seemed to be a long shot at times. S & G’s optimistic attitude and ability to remain focused on the core issues that  needed to be resolved, combined with their dogged persistence, has supported us in creating an organization that will create a vastly improved environment for cycling in Austin.”

Conferences and Summits

We love the energy and the opportunities to build momentum when a collaborative project hosts a conference or summit. S & G Endeavors employs a team that can manage these events from marketing, registration, day-of-event management, and follow up. This will allow your team to focus on the important work of building a great agenda and series of workshops and assist in turning out the participants.

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