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Alliance for Biking & Walking

American Public Health Association

America Walks

Asakura Robinson

Bicycle Alliance of Washington

Bicycling in Greensboro

Bike Austin

Bike Cleveland

Bike Easy

Bike Maryland

Bike Pittsburgh

Bike San Diego

Bike Texas

Bike Walk Montana

Bike & Walk Montclair



Bricker Consulting


California Walks

California Bicycle Coalition

Campfire (Campfire USA)

Citizens’ Transportation Coalition

City of Detroit Health Department


Consider Biking

East Bay Bicycle Coalition

Feet First

Georgia Bikes

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Greencorps Chicago

Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio

League of Ontario Foster Families

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

National Physical Activity Society 

National Wildlife Federation

Nebraska Bicycling Alliance 

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

New York Bicycling Coalition

NEXUS 4 Change

North American Bike Share Association

O&M Professional Association

Ohio Rail Development Commission

Revolve Community Bike Shop

Russo Power 

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

Sonoma Bicycle coalition

The Cady Group

Toledo Sight Center

Toronto Cyclist union

Virginia NORML

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