Interim Executive Services

Let us fill your short term needs

Going just a few weeks without a key executive team member can be a dramatic shift for an organization. 8 weeks of no donor prospecting can leave you with a gap in fundraising for the year for which it can be very hard to recover. Hiring a great executive can take time, meanwhile, you need to retain organizational morale, and keep the ship turning in the right direction. An Interim Executive Director or Interim Development Director can be the answer you are looking for, and we have the solution.

We provide interim services for executive positions in nonprofit organizations in the areas of executive management and fundraising/development. Whether it is for a sabbatical, parental leave, or a gap in hiring, we can step in and fill your needs to help keep you strong and thriving. Rob Sadowsky, one of our consultants, has more than twenty-five years of nonprofit experience and is willing to travel to meet your needs, for up to 3 months.

Your organization will be responsible for paying for services and providing lodging (if outside of Portland, Oregon).

Interested parties should contact