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Jeremy Grandstaff, Partner, Organizational Consultant


Jeremy Grandstaff, Organizational Consultant, S & G Endeavors, Ltd.

As a co-founder of S & G Endeavors (a consulting firm specializing in strategic development, meeting facilitation, and leadership training), Jeremy brings a list of assets not only from his deep involvement with non-profits, but his personal experience as a blind person seeking the highest level of pedestrian expectations, including access to transit. He has worked as an organizational consultant with various groups including the City of Detroit Health Department, National Wildlife Federation, American Public Health Association, and America Walks.

Before returning to consulting full-time, Jeremy most recently served as the full-time Member Services Director for Alliance for Biking & Walking, a coalition of over 200 advocacy organizations, all working to improve biking and walking in their respective communities. From 2007 to 2012, he was responsible for the delivery of Alliance member services: growing the number of member organizations served by 70%, doubling FTE to expand offerings, and securing funding for programs and new initiatives. In addition, Jeremy spent 50% of his time working with several member organizations to conduct board retreats, staff retreats, organization coaching, one-on-one coaching, campaign training, and whole scale strategic planning (over 40 specific events).

Jeremy’s education and background include a master’s Degree in Organization Development, BS in Management Information Systems, and four years as a production/quality manager for IBM Global Services. In addition, Jeremy also had the opportunity to intern with Kathy Dannemiller and Roland Loup, both pioneers of Whole Scale Change — a strategic planning process that engages the organization in a more complete vision and action plan. Finally, Jeremy has been formally trained on the tenants of small group facilitation by the Training for Trainers Cooperative and is qualified to lead such education for other trainers. .

Download Jeremy’s Full Portfolio (PDF)

Connect with Jeremy: (614) 519-3026 | Email | Linked In | Facebook |Twitter | Page Jeremy | Skype = jeremygrandstaff

John Spalding, Partner, Organization Development Consultant

Picture of John Spalding

John Spalding has a master’s degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University and participated in the Dannemiller – Whole Systems Practicum in 2003. Some of the organizations John has worked with include University Christian Fellowship, The City of Detroit Health Department, Clarcor/TFS, The Sisters of Notre Dame Schools, Dana Corporation, and G1NBC.com.  John has management experience in the fields of MR/DD and Youth Development.

John as teaches Industrial Organizational Psychology at Owens Community College.  He has also taught Introduction to Psychology and Careers in Psychology.  In addition, he has conducted various service research initiatives for retail organizations and in education as a learning and literacy consultant. He is currently the editorial coordinator for the Digital 1st Interactive CourseBook on the Principles of Management with Dr. Steven Cady and McGraw-Hill.
Connect with John: (614) 519-5867 | Email


Rob Sadowsky, Organizational Consultant

Rob  Sadowsky has more than thirty years of public experience in housing, economic development and transportation. He is the Transportation Safety Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Transportation and Development of Clackamas County, Oregon. He has served as the executive director of The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) in Portland, Oregon; the Active Transportation Alliance in Chicago; and the Chicago Mutual Housing Network. Rob served as the Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving at the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and as the Director of the Community Ventures Program, an innovative program linking private investors in affordable housing and economic development projects. He brings experience in training low income housing residents in resident management and ownership. He conducts training and strategic planning workshops for emerging organizations and is a board member of the Training for Trainers Cooperative. Rob loves serving as a management or executive coach and helping dynamic nonprofits and companies level up to thrive.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan’s Residential College in Social Science. He is a candidate for the Executive Masters in Public Administration at Portland State University. He has served on committees focusing on climate change, affordable housing, transportation safety and low-income transit fares. Other organizations Rob has worked for include: Bark, POCA Technical Institute, the Madison Mutual Housing Association in Madison, Wisconsin; Peoples Housing in Chicago; the Chicago Mutual Housing Network and the North American Students of Cooperation in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Connect with Rob: (503)-519-8081 | Email  | Linked In |Twitter


Jerry Jayjohn, Special Projects Manager

Jerry Jayjohn comes to S&G with a diverse background in process and project management, bringing experience from the research and health sectors to our team. His attention to detail and great project management skills, combined with overall positive attitude help S&G take our work with clients to the next level.   Jerry has two degrees in his wheel of knowledge, as well as being a process trainer in his previous work experience. Originally from Ohio but currently living and working in the DC area, he brings a wealth of lifetime experience from small town personal touches to large city efficiency.  He has also worked with many community organization boards and helps ensure that S&G projects run smoothly and that our process is solid and seamless.

Connect with Jerry: (614) 595-9145 | E-mail

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