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Principles that Guide Our Work

S&G Principles used to guide our work with our clients demonstrate our commitment to the client’s success:

We are client centered: Our approach helps our clients define their needs and determine their actions. We help manage the people issues in order to achieve consistent results. Our clients look to us as resources and outside partners in their organization, with the organization owning the process and S&G bringing the process guidance, resources, facilitation, and tactical delivery.
We believe in the power of the process: Our unique ability to blend the right change models into the best client-centered approach results in greater success. Our diverse tools and techniques allow organizations to be fully integrated into the process and make sense of information in real time. People in the organization drive the change process. When you think and plan as one, you act as one.
We help your leaders implement change, no matter where your location: Our approach functions best when a cross disciplinary team is empowered and ready to help manage the change process. Through the use of engaging and collaborative virtual and in-person approaches, we help you create the change you want to see.
People matter: We encourage clients to think differently about how they approach their work and understanding the wisdom that all organization stakeholders bring to the table. Each person in the organization as an integral part of that organization’s success. By directly and meaningfully engaging stakeholders in the planning processes, change becomes a positive influence; people support that which they help to create.
Collaborative technology matters: we believe that collaborative media and social broadcasting has the power to transform our conversations and our impact.

S & G is proud that our clients report that through our work, they have used a successful process that increases buy-in and ownership of the new strategy, allows for participative decision-making, and engages participants in capacity building dialogue for the organization.

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Check out the Mead School District Summit Video below, highlighting success with the Large Scale Change [strategic planning] process. This work was performed by Dannemiller Tyson Associates and is a great example of how large scale strategic transformation can drive success for an organization and its community.

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A special thanks to Kathy Dannemiller and Dr. Steven H. Cady, PhD, who played key roles in helping S & G Endeavors develop our model for strategic transformation. Our clients have definitely benefited because you pushed us to go deeper and uncover our truths around strategy development. Thank you both for being pioneers of Whole Systems Transformation!