Cleveland Allegories – A Dark Comedy of Random Connections

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The premiere is June 7th at 7pm for $7!

Thank you everyone for all of your work and support thus far.  We are now gearing up for the premiere, at the Cedar Lee Theater, on June 7th.  The premier showing will start at 7p but we will have information about the pre-party and post premier sessions shortly.  Like us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

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Buy Tickets for the film at the Cedar Lee Theater Website  . Instructions – You have to click on the link, then click on the movie showtime at the bottom of the page (7:00pm), then you will be redirected to the ticket purchase page where you have to select June 7th. Finally you find Cleveland Allegories again, click on (7:00pm) again, and fill out the form to purchase.  Or, you can just show up at the door and hope we don’t sell out.  Only 131 people will get in the door.

Movie: Cleveland Allegories
Release Date: 6/7/2015
Director: Mikhail Tot (Michael)
Starring: Ashley Smith (Tanya), Brittany Luciani (Teresa), Brandon Bell(Rob), Jake Phelps (Jerry), Dan Wasnick (YG), Zach Hillyard (Henry), Julio Santiago (Bodyguard)
Genre: Dark Comedy
Distributor: Tot Films, S&G Endeavors
Official website:

Synopsis: The movie shows four main characters: Henry, a struggling writer who finally got a dream job he always wanted Michael, Henry’s underachieving, hard partying, fun loving roommate Teresa, a love interest of Michael Tanya, a hard working reporter who will stop at nothing to move up in the world and Rob, a Cleveland hit man looking to do one last job before he retires. The film chronicles how their actions intertwine through small events creating big changes in several of their lives.

Cleveland Allegories: A dark comedy of random connections.


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Meet the Actors

Mikhail Tot – Michael  Zach Hilyard – Henry  Ashley Smith – Tanya     Brandon Bell – Rob

Danny Waz – YG    Brittany Luciani – Theresa    Jacob Phelps – Jerry

Julio Santiago – The Bodyguard   John Spalding – Mr. Beck

WATCH THE Trailer!!

 Watch the Interview of Mikhail Tot on Love My 419

“Cleveland Allegories” Film PremiereSunday at 7:00pmCEDAR LEE THEATRE in Cleveland Heights, OhioThe Director is part of the extended family..419 via 216.Please Support Tot Films Production

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