Dynamic Small Group Facilitation Workshop

This dynamic and intensive training will prepare participants to facilitate groups as small as ten to as large as a couple hundred by using small groups that maximize participation and build leaders.

The workshop is perfect for people who serve as a planner, a community organizer, an advocate, an educator, or team leader.

Transform the way you bring people together to accomplish a goal.

Register for: 

Washington DC June 16-18

Cleveland, OH September 21-22

Chicago, IL November 15-17

“I had spent years organizing people, facilitating community conversations and developing curriculum for how to guide those conversations. After taking this workshop, I learned new techniques, and made some fundamental changes to my approach that made me more effective as a facilitator. These skills are as helpful leading a conversation out in the community as they are leading a conversation with our team in the office. This training is especially valuable for any personnel working to engage communities.” –Adolfo Hernandez, Director of Chicago’s Office of New Americans

In this 2+ intensive day workshop, the curriculum focuses primarily on the role, style and skills of the trainer. You will gain direct hands-on experience with constructive criticism that will help you grow to be a better trainer or facilitator.

During the intense 2+ day course, participants will:

  • Learn more about principles of Adult Learning and other small group facilitation theories;
  • Learn training and workshop technique improvement tools;
  • Learn best practices for developing a successful training or workshop;
  • Get hands-on experience practicing, facilitating, and designing activities; and,
  • Develop and deliver your own crafted small group activity.

“Just like good planning for a trip requires identifying and securing the things necessary to make the journey go smoothly (a good rental car, the right road maps, money for lodging, food, etc.); so planning and developing good training means knowing and using the right training tools that will help you reach your end goal and ensure that real learning takes place along the way”—Rob Sadowsky, Co-trainer, S & G Endeavors

Why this workshop?

Many companies or organizations require employees to be better trainers or meeting facilitators. We believe the development of training for adults is like planning a journey to reach a final destination. The goal of the training is that final point on the journey that we want to reach.  This workshop helps prepare trainers and facilitators so that they are able to design meetings that have an interactive and empowering curriculum and further helps prepare the facilitator to serve as the best tour guide.

 “Our Alliance has hosted two of these workshops for leaders of our member organizations, and as a graduate of the workshop myself, I can personally attest to how excellent this training is for developing outstanding trainers, facilitators, and leaders for organizations”—Jeff Miller, Alliance for Biking & Walking

The ideal attendees of the Training for Trainers workshops are people who:

  • Conduct ongoing employee training or train new employees
  • Manage meetings that engage community members
  • Facilitate strategic planning, board  development, or other organization development
  • Teach new concepts or refresher courses
  • Design or develop training curriculum
  • Manage or lead teams.

To learn how this workshop can help you or your employees grow to be more effective trainers, facilitators, or even better leaders, contact us for more information or to reserve your spot for the workshops in Washington DC, Cleveland, or Chicago. Additional advanced workshops are also available for graduates that will focus on advanced curriculum development.

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