2018-2019 Topics for S&G Connections

S&G is excited to announce the upcoming topics for our SGE Connections live broadcasts.  If you’re curious about the what “Design Teams” are or what “Open Space” is, I encourage you to checkout our monthly broadcasting on these very topics.  We always welcome an audience during our live events, and would answering any probing questions about the topic of discussion in real time.  To get notification of when we plan to go live you can Subscribe to Our You Tube Channel,  We will share the broadcast link on our networks social media pages and will update this link frequently with show dates and information.

  • June – S & G Design Teams: Tapping into Client Wisdom and Planning for the Change July –  Using Engaged Change to Create Customized, Community-driven Change and Action
    • Just Announced – This will be on Wednesday June 27th at 2pm EST.
  • August – SGE Services – Outlining our services that help organization leaders to collaborate, facilitate discussions, and move people toward taking
    S&G Connections

    Check Out one of our previous episodes.

    action together

  • September – Organization Wide Accelerator Summits – Still the Best Road for Impactful Buy-in.
  • October – Method Spotlight: Open Space in Action
  • November/December – A Vision of What is Possible: Planning Your Best Future
  • Jan 2019 Action Plans/Strategic Plans:  What types of plans do our clients create with our process?
  • Feb 2019 – From Summit to Transition:  Creating the Implementation Plans Early
  • March 2019 – Creating The Implementation Team and Helping Make the Changes Stick
  • April 2019 – Method Spotlight: Whole Scale Change ™ is the Best Action Maker
  • May 2019 – Blending Methods for Better Conversations: Customizing the Design Team and Summit Meetings

For those not able to join us live, you can always go back and watch a recorded version of the event. Visit SGEConnections.tv and click the subscribe button to stay connected with S&G and our  webcast’s. You can also  Follow Us on LinkedIn, and/or Stay Up To Date on Facebook.

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