Acting and Thinking Strategically in the East Bay

Very excited to be passing along newsletter text from Bike East Bay, one of our clients bringing the people together in the East Bay to take action. We’re always asked by clients how to use the strategic planning process to drive excitement in the organization, and Bike East Bay’s executive director has definitely set a great example in her text (see below). We’re looking forward to our continue work with this outstanding organization working to lead change that transforms their work.

***example from Bike East Bay newsletter below***

Letter from the Saddle: The Future of East Bay Bicycling

At Bike East Bay we are always looking towards the future of bicycling, how we can get our city governments to embrace positive change on our streets, how we can grow to be a more effective force for change and how vibrant your East Bay neighborhood could be with more people biking.  This fall and winter we will be upping the ante as we have two unique opportunities to affect the future of bicycling in the East Bay.

Our first and biggest opportunity to change the future for the better is Tuesday, November 4, 2014 – election day. You have another opportunity to approve Measure BB and secure a billion dollars for bicycling over the coming decades.  This investment by Alameda County voters will be a game-changer for our transportation system and for bicycling in particular.  Winning Measure BB will mean a four-fold increase in funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in Alameda County.  Here at Bike East Bay, we won’t miss out on this chance to power up the rate of change on our streets.

Your second opportunity to change the future of bicycling is through Bike East Bay’s strategic plan.  Our board and staff has already begun the process of updating our first strategic plan, adopted in 2011.  This first ever strategic plan (for what was then the East Bay Bicycle Coalition) has guided our work on your behalf and provided direction in how we use resources to win important victories for East Bay bicyclists.

Over the past three years, with the guidance of our first strategic plan, we have seen our membership, impact and effectiveness expand tremendously.  Our staff has grown from two to six, our budget has more than doubled, our education programs are now reaching almost three times as many people, and we have new local working groups in communities like Walnut Creek, Fremont, Concord.  We also have a new name and logo that connects us with more people in more parts of the East Bay.

With the success of this first plan, our board and staff have decided to expand our planning process to bring in the voices of more of you, our members and supporters, and also those constituents we should be more a voice for. Out of the last plan, we identified the need to truly represent more of the East Bay and we have taken concrete steps to achieve that, such as developing local working groups.  With this next plan, we are building the goal of broader representation into the planning process itself.

To that end, we invite all of you, as well as dozens of other bicycle and community groups throughout the East Bay to join Bike East Bay for a weekend East Bay Bicycling Summit on January 24 and 25, 2015.  Please mark those dates now in your calendar and look for more detailed information from us as the date gets closer about how you can get involved with setting our strategic direction over the coming years, and positively influencing the future of bicycling in the East Bay.


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