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What is Social Broadcasting?

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“The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.” – StarlightMediaHouse Social broadcasting is

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The power of words to create change in our society.

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Check out this recent blog post, “Navigating Our Streets Without Sight” – written by our own Jeremy Grandstaff, discussing how he navigates the streets as a blind person and more importantly how we as individuals can begin to create change

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Engaging Communities to Take Action: A NetWalking Event in DC


S&G Endeavors is partnering with NetWalking LLC to host a NetWalking event on August 24, 2016 at 6:00pm in the scenic neighborhood of Greater Shaw. This walk will feature an engaging discussion about creating effective community engagement that can transform

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Collaboration, NETWalking, and Rules for Women on Coffee With Jeremy

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The 7/13 episode of Coffee With Jeremy featured two great women that are working for organizations that value collaboration. A big thanks to Jessica Tunon, founder of NETWalking ® LLC and Kimberly Barker, a marketing and promotion board member for

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Coffee with Jeremy – Collaboration Recaps

S&G Endeavors features clients, colleagues, and collaborators via google hangout, which is broadcast directly to YouTube on Viewers can join in the conversation by using Twitter or joining the live YouTube chat to bring their comments or questions live.

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Engaged Change – A Set of Integrated Conversations to Transform Your Organization

Professional development and employee engagement are two critical pieces that leaders and managers have to incorporate into the fabric of an organization in order to be a successful.  Organizations need to engage their employees in the decision making and knowledge

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Taking Implementation to the Next Level: Education, Training and Awareness for Walkable Communities

GI Telling our Stories

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” Plato One of our clients, the Nebraska Walkable Communities Initiative, sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Health and

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Coffee With Jeremy – Weekly conversations on collaboration.

S&G Endeavors has been featuring live broadcasting, a tool from our online resources used to help our clients in their collaborative planning.  Each Wednesday on, clients, colleagues, or collaborators join a google hangout, which is broadcast directly to YouTube.

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Coffee with Jeremy – Stair Speech II

Join us at 3p on 5/4 for Coffee with Jeremy – The Stair Speech II Live on You Tube We will cover: SGE Media Group Stair Speaches SGE Media group uses its consulting approach, technological experience, and social media reach together

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Engaged Change™ – Engaging People Doesn’t Have to Cost You Travel

Engaged Change

As we recently described, the DVF Model  is one of the tools that S & G uses to ensure our clients are able to create the change they desire. Models like the DVF Model demonstrate proven success and, when the

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