Bike Austin – Making Strides to Bicycle Safety/Advocacy


A few years ago we facilitated the strategic planning for Bike Austin, and now they are starting to see the fruits of their labor, to learn more about their summit, read our blog post by clicking here.

Over the past two year’s Bike Austin has had two major accomplishments with the City of Austin, Prop 1, and the recent Travis County Bond, Prop A.


According to Bike Austin’s mid-December update ” This is the most money ever allocated to bicycling in one year.”

They are not only focused on Austin alone but all of Central Texas, they have become “community advocates, not just bike advocates!”

Other accomplishments highlighted in the mid-December update include:

  • Won nearly $220,000,000 for protected bike lanes and safety improvements throughout Central Texas
  • Helped elect bike-friendly City Leaders
  • Worked to ensure all city departments collaborate to build a complete network
  • Grew our Neighborhood Bike Advocacy program to run Complete Street campaigns in four City Council Districts
  • Collaborated with partner organizations to ensure CAMPO (our six county metropolitan planning organization) included an effective Active Transportation Plan.
  • Along with the Austin Police Department, educated 280 motorists on the 3’ / 6’ Passing Law, through the purchase of the BSMART technology

Be sure to check out Bike Austin for more accomplishments and updates.


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