Bike East Bay – Biketopia: A Winter Party and Fundraiser

One of our clients is gearing up for their fall member party and fundraiser. Those in the Oakland area or
cycling advocates who will be in the area on November 12th should consider attending this signature 2ndBike East Bay Logo Annual Event.

You may recall that S & G facilitated the Bike East Bay Summit in early January, which brought community stakeholders together to create a strategic action plan to increase cycling in the East Bay region.  Here is a summary of the mission, vision, guiding principles, and strategic goals that were developed at the summit. And, be sure to check out this video, highlighting the process (facilitated by S & G):

Biketopia is Bike East Bay’s fall member party and fundraiser. Well-attended last year, this year’s event will feature food from Whole Foods and a silent auction including a Seven Day Bike Tour of Thailand. What a great opportunity to learn firsthand how they are implementing their new strategy and engaging their stakeholders to create change and take action. Register now! Or, show your support via online donation.

S & G will feature Bike East Bay in an follow up blog in early 2016, where we’ll check in on the organization and see where they are with their implementation of their strategy.

Thinking about how you can engage your stakeholders in helping you create change and take action in your community? Contact Jeremy Grandstaff for a consult.

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