Bike East Bay: The power of collaboration and community-driven change

Bike East Bay releases a great video recapping their summit, emphasizing the importance of using their community of stakeholders to use the power of collaboration to transform their organization.

Recently, S & G Endeavors had the opportunity to facilitate the Bike East Bay Strategy Summit. Writes Bike East Bay to its participants, “Thank you to the 150+ of you who registered and participated in our summit on the weekend of January 24 and 25. Having so many of you in one room putting your heads together to evaluate our work and future here in the East Bay was incredibly valuable to us.

The summit was a collaborative event designed to build on data and research gathered by Bike East Bay’s board and staff to engage the community in creating long-term change to transform the East Bay Region to serve all people who bike.

Bike East Bay’s Strategic Planning Summit 2015 from Jeffrey Placencia on Vimeo

At the end of many energized conversations, break-out groups, Q&As and more, Bike East Bay emerged with a new Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, Goals and Priorities.

And, the participants even dove into the harder questions, as showcased in the short clip from the conclusion of the Panel’s Q&A around how to be more inclusive:

Be sure to visit here for a full recap of the summit and to find the final action plans Bike East Bay will use to transform the East Bay region for all people who bike and walk

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