CalBike and Electric Bikes–Collaboration is the New Competition

On July 17, the California Bicycle Coalition, one of our former strategic planning clients,  announced on their homepage:

a collaboration with the California Electric Bicycle Association to promote electric bikes in California. “Electric bikes can make bicycling an option for people and trips that a regular bike cannot serve, and they can be a gateway to regular biking for people who think they need a little electrical help” said Dave Snyder, executive director of CalBike. The California Bicycle Coalition’s role will be to navigate the state legislature to amend state law that classifies all electric bikes — even the very quiet, low-speed electric bikes — as motorized bicycles and bans them from most trails and pathways.

This ground-breaking collaboration comes just over 1.5 years after the organization used our collaborative strategic planning process to bring stakeholders from the cycling community together to create a clearly defined and actionable strategy for their organization. It’s awesome seeing them approaching collaborations with other organizations that will take their work to the next level.

Congrats CalBike and keep up the great success!

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