California Walks to Use Collaborative Approach to Put Their “Best Foot Forward” (Nov 8-9, Oakland)

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S & G is excited to be working with California Walks and its sponsors to facilitate the upcoming “Best Foot Forward” action planning summit, to be held on November 8 and 9 in Oakland.

The Summit will convene a broad base of walk, health, equity, & sustainability organizations, both advocates and strategic thinking leaders, to forge a shared action agenda that each of our organizations in different sectors can pursue at the local, regional, and state levels to move the dial on walkability in the Golden State.

At the summit, we’ll use the power of collaborative change, similar to the approach taken with other walkability summits, to bring participants together to uncover common desires, create a shared vision of possibility, and identify specific action plans to increase walkability across California. Following the collaborative design, the summit also creates opportunities for participants and their organizations to share and build on the success they are having at the local and regional levels and to identify specific ways to work more cohesively on state-wide initiatives. Guided by a strong and representative planning team of walkability leaders from all over California, the summit is shaping up to be a great experience that drives action at the state, local, and regional levels.

See the latest draft agenda and if you are in California, register for the summit and ensure your voice is part of this important conversation to create a plan of action.


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