Collaboration, NETWalking, and Rules for Women on Coffee With Jeremy

The 7/13 episode of Coffee With Jeremy featured two great women that are working for organizations that value collaboration. A big thanks to Jessica Tunon, founder of NETWalking ® LLC and Kimberly Barker, a marketing and promotion board member for the International Society for Organization Development and Change. In this session, they talk about their organizations, upcoming events, and their experiences with S&G Endeavors facilitation processes.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Kim discussed how organizational change can be motivating. She feels that any change in an organization works best when it incorporates staff at all levels and when there is a strong positive framework to implement and support the changes.
  • Jessica discusses the impact of walking to shake up traditional organizational change meetings and provide a different approach toward getting people to connect. Using walking to mix up your traditional meeting or networking meetup is fun and healthy.
  • Jeremy put both of them on the spot during the discussion of Anne Litwin’s book “New Rules for Women”, check their responses here:

Coffee With Jeremy 7/13/2016

Jessica and Kimberly also mentioned two upcoming events for their respective organizations:

NEXUS 4 Change and The International Society for Organization Development & Change
New Rules for Women – Revolutionizing The Way Women Work Together
w/ Dr. Anne Litwin, Author, Speaker, and Consultant
Thursday July 21st
11:00AM EDT
Read Invite and Register

NetWalking ® hosted by S&G Endeavors
Engaging Communities to Take Action—Transforming your Work for Greater Success
August 24, 2016
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Read Invite and Registercoffee with jeremy

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