Coffee with Jeremy – Collaboration Recaps

S&G Endeavors features clients, colleagues, and collaborators via google hangout, which is broadcast directly to YouTube on Viewers can join in the conversation by using Twitter or joining the live YouTube chat to bring their comments or questions live. We highlight the successes of our clients and our consulting partners, and discuss different approaches to helping organizations increase their collaborative efforts.

Here are a couple of episodes that you may have missed.

Coffee with Jeremy: Collaboratives that create long-term change w/ Ron Milam

Jeremy and Ron Milam talk about different types of collaborative organizations and discuss ways to create strong teams and action plans.

Ron Milam, one of SGE’s Partner Consultants, brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients, with a focus on collaborative development and planning. In 2015 alone, he served over 20 collaboratives including significant work which he continues to facilitate with the Los Angeles Funders’ Collaborative. Learn more about Ron and his work at

Coffee with Jeremy: Digging deeper with collaboration and neuroscience w/ Andy Wessel

Jeremy and Andy dive into the concept of collaboration and apply it to Andy’s role as a community planner in Omaha Nebraska. They discuss the importance of health and wholeness as it relates to communities and how collaboration can break silos and develop better solutions. They also discuss the neuroscience of collaboration (at the 18:30 mark) discussing how the brain stem, limbic, and cortex system of our brain are used and how that can impact our collaborative efforts.

Andy Wessel is a community health planner for the Douglas County Health Department and a leader using collaboration to transform his community.

A big thanks to both of our guests for sharing their reflections from their work. Keep up the great work!

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