Coffee With Jeremy – Weekly conversations on collaboration.

S&G Endeavors has been featuring live broadcasting, a tool from our online resources used to help our clients in their collaborative planning.  Each Wednesday on, clients, colleagues, or collaborators join a google hangout, which is broadcast directly to YouTube.  Viewers can join in the conversation by using Twitter or joining the live YouTube chat to bring their comments or questions. This is a great way to feature the successes of our clients and our consulting partners, especially since it gives direct access to our clients and their experiences working with us on projects.

Last week’s program featured partner consultant Kimberley Jutze from Shifting Patterns Consulting and client Ryan Hlavacek from the Global Engagement Network discussing Building Collaborative Movements from the Ground Up.

Check It Out:

Kimberly discusses the importance of focusing on the purpose of participation and collaboration in the workplace.  People tend to like to take action quickly to address issues but focusing on the purpose for taking action first will lead the group to create better actions and outcomes.  She also stresses the importance of having good relationships in order to create good collaborations. For more information about Kim and her work, check out her website for Shifting Patterns Consulting and on twitter.

Ryan talks about the volunteer network that is scattered across the country and the challenges and benefits of working with such a diverse group of people.  He calls that type of collaboration “challenging and rewarding” as the group is working toward developing into a bona fide independent media network. Ryan can be found on Twitter and behind the scenes for two YouTube channels: Bernie2016 TV and Political Revolution TV, part of the Global Engagement Network.

A big thanks to both of our guests for sharing their reflections from their work.  Keep up the great work!

Check out other Coffee with Jeremy episodes on YouTube.  Typically the program runs for 30 minutes between 2p and 5p EST.

Tomorrow’s episode is at 3p EST save this link:

CoffeeWithJeremy: Walk NE’s Collaboration That Changes Communities

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Have a cup of coffee and join the collaborative conversation, see you online!

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