Engaged Change – A Set of Integrated Conversations to Transform Your Organization

Professional development and employee engagement are two critical pieces that leaders and managers have to incorporate into the fabric of an organization in order to be a successful.  Organizations need to engage their employees in the decision making and knowledge development for the company.  Professional development is important to any organization but sometimes cost and location become a barrier towards it success.  S&G Endeavors is proud to announce its new product called Engaged Change (™) where we will work with you to facilitate a set of integrated conference call conversations in order to help organizations collaborate with each other effectively.

This set of conversations is custom built for your organization that follows a traditional framework of introductions, vision, action, and implementation.  The result is a series of conversations where a group of people are taken on a path to help their organization improve.  The result is a series of conversations where leadership and employees (or other stakeholders) work together to help make the organization successful.  

A summary of this process can be found with our Engaged Change outline document.

This process is based on our case study that was submitted and accepted to the Organization Development Journal for the Winter 2015 Special Issue.  See the Full Article on the Conference Call Design process here.

For a recorded example of a type of conversation for this type of process, please check out our recorded session from our case outlines in the paper listed above.

If you are looking to develop a new product, reorganize your workgroup, develop your leadership team, create your strategic plan, or undertake a large scale change, the Engaged Change process can help you get there by developing your employees and creating increased engagement for your organization.
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