Engaged Change™ – Engaging People Doesn’t Have to Cost You Travel

As we recently described, the DVF Model  is one of the tools that S & G uses to ensure our clients are able to create the change they desire. Models like the DVF Model demonstrate proven success and, when the process includes the use of the right virtual collaboration methods, your company, nonprofit, or community can transcend the barriers of cost and distance, increasing professional development and employee engagement in your strategy.

Professional development and employee engagement are two critical pieces that managers and leaders must incorporate into the organization’s fabric to succeed.  Employees incorporated into the decision making and knowledge development processes of a company are much more effective and buy-in to the overall results. however, with so many people trying to build wider collaborations or partnerships, cost and location become a barrier to success.  

At S & G Endeavors, we embrace the cost and location challenges by using a model we call: Engaged Change™.

Engaged ChangeHow does it work? We facilitate you through a set of collaborative virtual conversations in order to help organizations learn from each other as well as discuss and debate with each other more effectively.
customized set of virtual conversations builds on a traditional framework of shared Intros/Desires, Vision, Action, and Implementation. However, Engaged Changed™ has a twist: we also blend virtual tools with the process (like MaestroConference, Google Docs, or Google Hangouts), designed to allow real-time small-group break-outs and more engaged dialogue. The blending of technology with process ensure the participants have a visual, verbal, and visceral experience, increasing buy-in to what they’ve helped to create, just like they were sitting in the same room.

The Results:

  • A series of conversations where a group of people are taken on a path to help their organization improve.
  • A series of conversations where leadership and employees (or other stakeholders) work together to increase buy-in and help make the organization successful.
  • Change that is able to be replicated throughout an organization, no matter where they have offices.

Interested to know more? Check out The Engaged Change Summary document.

Not sure if this would work? One of our clients used this process to create their strategic plan and some of their stakeholders had never met. The story and the evaluation results are recapped  in a recent Article in last year’s Special Technology Issue of the Organization Development Journal.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with S&G Endeavors as they walked us through strategic planning. Every virtual meeting was professional, organized and easy to follow. Support was offered throughout every step of the process.  I left each meeting feeling a sense of forward momentum. S & G is my first recommendation for organizations who feel stagnant or are creating a plan to accomplish a goal and/or fulfill a vision.”

—Sara bussey, O&M/GDMI Summit Steering CMT

Whether developing a new product, reorganizing your workgroup, increasing leadership, creating your strategic plan, or pursuing a long-term scale change initiative, distance and related travel costs to come together no longer create barriers to your success. The Engaged Change™ process transforms your work by allowing you to use the best, blended, collaborative processes we use in-person, while virtually hosting the engaging conversations needed to create your change.

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