Develop yourself as a leader while tapping into the exponential power at your fingertips.

Join us for a fireside chat with Bjorn Martinoff to discuss developing exponential power. Learn from his newest book and his experiences, develop yourself as a leader, and learn how to tap into the exponential power that is at your fingertips.

With the release of his recent book, “Develop Exponential Power-Stop Chasing It and Let It Chase You,” Bjorn builds on his experiences to challenge our assumptions about power, as he takes a dive into what power is and what it is not. Each chapter presents one of the 28 power principles with an easy-to-apply exercise, making this a book that is easy to follow and easy to incorporate into our everyday approach.

Join the conversation on Friday, November 3, at 8AM Eastern | Register today to reserve your spot

About the Author

Bjorn Martinoff has nearly 20 years of experience as a coach, organizational development consultant, author, trainer and facilitator. In his work, Bjorn applies insights from the behavioral sciences, action learning, extensive research, and integral development to help the world’s greatest leaders expand their individual and organizational capabilities and performance.

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