Customizing Experiences

Using Proven Collaborative Processes to Create Customized and Engaged Change™

S&G Endeavors facilitation and collaborative planning approaches, our services, extends from collaborative change methods, techniques, and meeting designs that have been developed since the 1950’s & 60’s.  The way that we blend these approaches together to serve our clients and meet their needs is what makes S&G Endeavors unique.

Some examples of how we can further customize Engaged Change™ to meet your unique needs include, but not limited to:

Critical Conversation Facilitation- Critical conversations, whether in-person or virtual, are the springboard to increasing productivity, solving problems, or imagining what’s next for your firm. S&G will work with your team to design and facilitate the collaborative and interactive dialog on a topic of your choosing, bringing people from across the globe into a dialog that is productive, actionable, and critical to your growth.

Social Broadcasting – Live Broadcasting of customized conversations using Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, G1NBC, & Steem giving our clients an added promotional benefit for their work.

Conference Design – Designing in-person or virtual conferences & interactive conversations that engage participants and create action for growth.


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“The walking action workshop helped to bring our community together and engage on creating a common vision in order to make Omaha a more walkable community.”–Carlos Morales, City of Omaha

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