How Can S & G endeavors Actually Help Me?

“I’m really wondering what exactly S & G Endeavors can do to help me,” Janet began, as she pulled up her chair across the table from me. I listened intently as she continued, “My company is doing ok but we could be doing better. My staff comes to work, but they just don’t seem excited about their work. Our staff meetings are consistent, but even I’m bored by them, especially by the lack of input I’m getting from the staff. I created a one-page strategy, which we review at each meeting, but it’s really the only time our strategy is talked about; I just don’t feel we’re even executing it. I can’t help but think about the missed opportunities to increase our bottom line by continuing to operate at the status quo”.

one participant is talking to the group and another, from his group, is pointing to the outputs of the discussion on a flipchart.

A small group shares outputs from their discussion with all of the participants at the Bike Austin Strategy Summit–Photo credit: Todd Savage

Collaboration offers the next competitive advantage for companies and nonprofits to achieve greater outcomes, and as I listened to Janet’s story (filled with similar struggles that managers and executives deal with on a daily basis), I knew S & G could help.

“S & G Endeavors helps each of our clients design collaborative change to create action,” I explained to Janet. Our process gives us the ability to help our clients address a variety of issues such as:

  • Increasing ownership and buy-in from the staff;
  • Engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways that leave them wanting to help support action; and,
  • Creating dynamic conversations that result in long-term solutions to actual problems.

Since 2002, S & G Endeavors has worked with our clients to hold one-off meetings, retreats, or even design large scale collaborative change processes that result in community-supported, action-driven, strategic plans.

Though a big chunk of our recent work has been working with transportation advocacy nonprofits and related agencies, the collaborative process also works for corporate and small businesses. Because we work to meet all of our clients where they are, our success rate has proven valuable to increasing team effectiveness, potential funding and sales streams, and the overall bottom line for our clients. Implementation coaching and evaluation are also key components to the work we do, as showcased in our client stories on the SGE blog.

Whether you are experiencing issues like Janet above, or whether you are wondering if your organization’s culture is ready for more collaboration that brings about action, be sure to check out our consulting services, and see how we can help you bring in 2014 with collaborative change that gives your company a competitive edge.

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