ISODC Collaboration Roundtable- Tacking Implicit Bias

We’re so thrilled to have been a part of the critical discussion and dialog we held with others at the recent ISODC Roundtable Discussion on Implicit Bias. Great ideas were shared, insights were uncovered, and as we discussed, even just raising awareness creates some progress on this issue. Some quick reflections from our conversations include:

  • Many people on the call were familiar with the topic of implicit bias and really enjoyed some of the insight they gained from the tests on the Project Implicit website. One of the uncovered challenges, that we could possibly dive further into, is how you deal with those who don’t believe they hold implicit biases. This is also influenced by explicit biases demonstrated in the world.
  • Our upbringing or backgrounds definitely play a role in the implicit biases that we may have, helping to shape both the biases themselves and how we deal with them, especially when multiple biases exist simultaneously. Having a learning attitude also helps one be more aware of biases that exist and to think about how we might intervene.
  • Try hard to recognize the triggers that you or others have relating to implicit biases. .. Tap into resources that exist to help you stay aware and think about how you deal with these situations. The Project Implicit website and Transcultural Competence were just a couple mentioned throughout the conversation.
  • Find the people in the system who can help to eliminate barriers, and be ‘accomplices’ in helping to deal with implicit biases. Don’t focus on the superficial but instead focus on building connections and holding conversations that can make a difference. Don’t hesitate or be afraid of having the conversation. Remember, it has to start with you and the example that you set. (OTFD: allows for calm discussion)

You can watch the virtual conversation below or review the raw outputs from our group break-out conversations.

Be sure to stay tuned to for information on our next Roundtable conversation on June 3 as well as registration to the upcoming ISODC/Appreciative Inquiry Conference in may.

Thanks much to our sponsors as well; give them some love as they help make the ISODC Roundtable a success.