Join us Oct. 3rd for An Exploratory Conversation of how culture impacts you and your work

Join us as we partner with ISODC and NEXUS4change, for a dynamic dialog designed to help you: gain a fuller understanding of culture, specifically what it means to you and to your work; and to further explore related questions that will help us become more aware and effective in our endeavors.

Join the conversation on Tuesday, October 3, at either 9AM or 4PM Eastern. See below to register!

Culture means many different things to each of us. To some, it can refer to how we accommodate and engage other cultures in our work. Sometimes, culture can refer to the way that we act as a company, E.G., a culture of collaboration. Some of us may be trying to better understand how cultural differences impact the work that we are trying to do each day; while others, may just want to explore how differences in culture can drive unique situations or flourishing results.

Join Jerry Glover and Roland Livingston, two notable colleagues when it comes to culture,  as they help us set the stage for a great dialog leaving you with more insight into:

  • What culture means to you as a change leader and in your work;
  • How other change leaders are embracing culture in their work each day; and,
  • Answers to those relevant questions about culture that will help you become more effective as an agent of change.

Bring your topics, questions, and ideas and let’s create a give-and-take that helps us all leave with something valuable to make our work more successful.

A big thank you to our partners on the ISODC Collaboration Roundtable Series


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