Recap-Tapping into the Exponential Power at your Finger Tips

On November 3rd, ISODC and its partners conducted a Virtual Information Exchange with world renowned author and CEO coach Bjorn Martinoff.  The purpose of the discussion was to bring our members to this virtual fireside chat, so that we can learn from his book and his experiences, develop ourselves as leaders, and learn how to tap into the exponential power that is at our fingertips.

S & G Endeavors was excited to help ISODC bring this opportunity to its members, so we can dive into the untapped power that is waiting there for the taking. During the call we reviewed the PowerPoint that Bjorn had put together, and that can be reviewed separately here.

Also, check out some of the highlights and watch the video of the conversation below.

Key Learnings from our Fireside Chat

  • Books about power use trickery and manipulation.
  • Force actually decreases energy while power increases energy
  • Involve others in the change we want to see
  • We cannot force people to engage in anything. We can only create an environment in which they choose to engage – Dynamic Engagement Framework
  • Beingness changes with power, the more beingness you have the more power you have.

View a recording of the complete Fireside Chat by clicking the play button below.