It’s All about the Relationships—Transforming Your Game for 2019 and Beyond

Recently our own Jeremy Grandstaff was inducted into Business Networking International. This brief introduction highlights the benefits that you get as an S&G client as well as teaches you how to be a great referral partner for S&G services. This two minute read is designed to expand your own thinking on the ways you establish new business for your company. Read on for six key phrases you hear each day.

Why Business Networking International—Why Should S&G Clients Care?

Business Networking International (BNI) is a networking organization that is changing the way we think about our business, which in turns helps S&G consultants think out of the box about how we meet our client’s needs and take their businesses to the next level of success.

The principles of BNI center around creating a trusting network of exclusive service providers that give business to each other. Wow, what a concept you might say, a network of service providers that aren’t selfish and instead look for ways to partner with each other to make connections that expand each other’s business.

“I definitely was caught off-guard a bit by the concept. I’ve known the give or gain principle for quite some time, but when you are struggling to make your bottom line, many companies look for easy transactional wins to close the gap instead of strategically building relationships that are going to create long-lasting exposure and marketing possibilities,” says the newest BNI member and our President, Jeremy Grandstaff.

It’s important to close that gap for sure, but a long-term approach to closing that gap depends on one’s ability to explain what we do at S&G Endeavors to help our clients transcend barriers to their own success.

Check it out—What Phrases Am I Listening for?

Many of you, our existing clients, are the best ambassadors for S&G Endeavors. You know that we helped build your organization, helped you grow leadership, and moreover, bring a unique approach in our work to every client need that increases buy-in and ownership to your action items.

Whether you’ve led a process with us or are just getting started, you know that we are trusted by our clients to bring the objectivity, the creativity, and the knowledge to the table that transforms your organization.

But, how do you know if someone is a good fit for an S&G client? And, what do you get out of referring someone to S&G?

  1. “I don’t know how I’m going to make this work.” = Executive coaching
  2. “If I go to one more unproductive meeting…” = Training or Executive Coaching
  3. “Strategic plan” = strategic planning or community planning
  4. “Employee training” = Collaborative Training
  5. “What’s next for me in my career” = Executive Coaching
  6. “Pigeon-holed” / “stuck” = Executive Coaching
  7. “I don’t understand my boss” = retreat, training, strategic planning, executive coaching, a customized package

Have you ever heard any of the seven phrases above from someone you know, either from work or personally? Then, you have heard at least one of the S&G Referral triggers.

Each of us has sat in a meeting that wasn’t working.

Each of us have, at times, probably even said one of these phrases ourselves.

“I know I had,” reflected Jeremy, “But I also knew that if I started calling these out for our clients, it would help each of them to recognize when someone needs S&G’s help. That’s why we created the 1% referral program for existing S&G clients.”

There it is, the reason you should care. If you are an S&G client and you refer us business, then we will donate a small percentage of that work to your favorite nonprofit. Looking for a way to bolster your favorite nonprofit—why not take advantage of the S&G referral partner program.

Now, going full circle, check out our local BNI chapter page here and find out other people who are part of the S&G Endeavors referral Network. Interesting in an introduction, email Jeremy the purpose of the introduction and he’ll be glad to make the connection.

And, in the meantime, ask yourself, do I know someone who has said one of the seven key phrases above? Have I said it? If so, be sure to email Jeremy and let’s get that referral program working for you today.


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