Netwalking Yesterday: A Discussion Around Meaningful Engagement & the Power of Collaboration

S & G hosted a Netwalk on February 2, highlighting examples and lessons learned from the various clients and types of clients with whom we work. Links to live-streamed #Periscope Videos make it easy for you to glean some of the main points from our walk and talk.

Netwalking™ combines the interpersonal business networking with a healthy dose of exercise. Blending a walk with networking helps both individuals and organizations communicate effectively, share ideas, and network while tapping into the power of walking and physical movement. As described by one of our partners Netwalking LLC:

“Netwalking is much more than a walk it’s about building meaningful connections for personal and financial success.  We help make introductions for you, invite you into the conversation, all while keeping you and your ideas moving.”

And, that is exactly what happened at Tuesday’s “Netwalking with SGE” event, which combined the power of the Netwalk with a walk and talk around how S & G endeavors uses collaboration to help its clients create change and take action. While visiting historical landmarks in DC like Freedom Plaza, the White House, and McPhurson square, we had some great conversations while walking, and we stopped along the way to #periscope, or live broadcast, some insights, reflections, and tips.

Highlighting recent work in DC (with our partners at Shifting Patterns Consulting), strategic planning with Asakura Robinson, the Austin Walkability workshop, and the four-year Nebraska Walkable Communities change initiative, the walk gave us an opportunity to talk about some of the concepts we use in our work as well as some of the lessons learned. We even ended with our participants challenging Jeremy to answer a couple “quick-fire” questions on those tough calls we make when doing truly collaborative work with our clients.

Whether you are a corporate executive, small business owner, a political activist, a nonprofit leader, or even if you are a member of the PTA, you will find these #periscope videos (highlighting our conversations) useful:

Conversation 1: Creating Meaningful Engagement

Conversation 2: Collaboration: Getting People Involved

Conversation 3: Wrap Up: Quick-fire

We’ll be scheduling another Netwalk in July; leave us a comment below and let us know the dates that work best for you or any other feedback you want us to consider for our next Netwalk.

And be sure to contact us for further information or to find out how S & G endeavors can help you take action in 2016.

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