Nexus and The Leadership and Change Magazine – Webinar Recaps & Final Session

Cross posting this from our partners at NEXUS4change. We’re looking forward to the last webinar!

First Up – Join us for our next webinar with the Leadership & Change Magazine

Dialogue and Organizational Development Using the OCAI, with Marcella Bremercover_issue16_192x256

How to turn the energy-depleting hierarchy we dread into a thriving, dynamic workplace we all desire?

Join Organizational Culture Assessment Inventory (OCAI) guru Marcella Bremer, as she outlines how to combine this powerful tool with employee change circles to create genuine and lasting change within your organization.

Dialogue and Organizational Development Using the OCAI, with Marcella Bremer
Wednesday March 25th, 2015
1:00pm EST
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Leadership & Change Magazine BLOG Recaps

We have had some excellent webinars being hosted at NEXUS4change in partnership with the Leadership and Change Magazine around self-management, wholeness, and the importance of character and presence on our work as change consultants.

We’re excited to circle back with you to report the word on the street:

“ . . . well worth getting up at 5am in Sydney for!”

“let’s go out there and change the world!”

“One of the best webinars I have ever attended.”

Emerging Organizations: wholeness, purpose and self-management, with Frederic Laloux

Just like species, organizations have evolved over time. Pulling from his book Reinventing Organizations, Laloux explored how workplaces have adapted to the changing needs of our world. More importantly, he looked at how our organizations are changing to meet our challenges today and in the future.

According to Laloux, the business world is becoming much too complex to be handled effectively in a hierarchical pyramid. He studied several companies whose structure and culture allow them to take advantage of today’s marketplace. Each of these companies shared the following three, somewhat radical traits:

Self Management: Organizations that allow workers to decide how their work should be handled without interference from management

Wholeness: Organizations that encourage their workers to bring their entire selves to work – including their passions, flaws and personal concerns

Evolutionary Purpose: Organizations that have a mission that resonates deeply with their employees

Laloux suggests that these traits are the qualities that will allow organizations to not only survive, but to thrive in the near future.

Word from the peanut gallery: Below are just a few of the many comments participants submitted during the presentation.

Kelly G: It sounds like these organizations operate with a much higher purpose in mind….and this in itself causes the breakthrough results..

John #2: The pyramid can’t handle complexity

Brodie: . . . when there is high commitment and consensus on the mission it seems that there would be higher degrees of innovation and lower necessity for manager-subordinate accountability maintenance.

Zach: This is more than a management system, it’s a global movement

Click here to check out the video

Raising Your Game: Understanding Character and Presence as change practitioners, with Daryl Conner

It isn’t what you do. According to renown organizational development consultant Daryl Conner, the gift is in who you are. Although Conner acknowledges that our skills with relevant change methodologies are important, he says that the uniquely personal perspective and qualities we bring to our work is what makes us truly valuable. These are the inimitable factors that distinguish us from our competitors and allow us to be profoundly useful to our ideal clients.


Slide Six from Conner’s power point slide.

Conner says that we are most effective when we operate from our “core”. He likens our core to the sapling found inside of grown trees. Saplings are fragile and easily broken. However, they also provide the inner impulses and intelligence needed to transform a fragile sapling into a fully sustained adult tree. Once you get past the defenses and protective layering we’ve put around our core selves to keep it from being injured, Conner says each of us will find what is the equivalent to a sapling growing within us. It is by uncovering and listening to the promptings of that internal wisdom that we are able to be dynamic partners to our clients.

In this soulful presentation, Conner outlines how the twin concepts of character and presence can be the key to unleashing our internal wisdom.

Character is, “…what is left after all the illusions, evasions, and elaborations are stripped away”

Character is the innate and totally distinct wisdom and gifts we can bring to bear on any situation. The way we access our character is through presence.

Presence is, … the “voice” of character that serves as its interface with the world”

These two elements work together to give us access extraordinary resources as consultants.

Click here to check out the video


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