Potential Trainings That Level Up Your Organization & Leaders

Are you looking to level up your organization and its leaders?  Check out these potential trainings and take your organization to the next level in 2018.

The following are some of the collaborative trainings that S & G Endeavors has delivered to help our clients strengthen their organizations and their staff. Each of the trainings can be further customized or even combined with each other to create a more targeted training experience that will transform your work.

Our workshops last approximately two to four hours, utilize either in-person or on-line interactive approaches, and include small group activities that help participants apply what they are learning. Attendees of our trainings report that they have increased buy-in and understanding to new strategies and concepts that help them take their work to the next level. See workshop menu below.

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Aligning Our Department with the Organization’s Strategy

An organization’s strategic plan is only as strong as the departmental strategies that guide it to success. This workshop is targeted to work directly with departmental executive teams to ensure their departmental strategies complement and further the organization’s strategic plan.

Communication that Transforms Our Work

Communication is the key factor to a successful, well-running, organization. This workshop is designed to help participants gain a deeper understanding of the challenges to achieving good communication and to identify successful methods to increase dialog, feedback opportunities, and other aspects of their work.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

This workshop is a must for those companies holding a high commitment to customer service. It is designed to resolve challenges that impede service to the organization’s customers, leaving each participant with a better understanding of their own skills and opportunity to create an outstanding customer experience.

Effective Check-in Meetings with Employees

If your organization wants to ensure an overall great employee experience, this workshop is geared to train supervisors, new and experienced, on techniques for improving their regular one-on- one check-ins with their subordinate employees.

Highest Priority, Every Time

One of the most difficult challenges is insuring that employees are able to focus on the most important parts of the organization’s strategy that will help to achieve greater success. This workshop teaches employees, especially those in leadership positions, techniques for setting priorities as a team and holding themselves to them, ensuring that the highest priority tasks are always what is being worked on.

Increasing Our Capacity to Lead

Great leadership is another key factor determining the success of an organization. This workshop is designed to identify those aspects of a good leader and to help participants grow their own leadership skills.

Managing Change

Managing change, even when in a small to medium sized organization, can be a challenge for leaders, especially if trying to change culture or approach to doing business. This workshop is geared directly to those managing all levels of change to empower them with techniques and methods that will increase buy-in and implementation success.

Removing Obstacles for Blind People in Our Work

This workshop imparts strategies that allow agencies and companies to best engage the blind community, including specific techniques and hands-on experiences that help employees approach diversity and inclusivity goals.

Running Great Meetings

Bad meetings are a waste of time and energy and frankly, can severely impact the dynamics of a team or the organization as a whole. This workshop is designed to build facilitation skills and agenda setting systems for running great staff meetings, so that one can focus his or her meetings on those things that need discussion, yielding increased innovation and greater success for the organization.

Setting Achievable Goals and Objectives

This workshop is designed to provide participants a standard system of setting work and performance goals and objectives that allows one to focus on measurable outcomes

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