S & G Endeavors published -Virtual Collaborative Planning—A Success for O&M/GDMI Professionals – What About you?

a young man walking along a sidewalk with a guide dog-his male instructor is walking to his rightt

The technology deluge of the 21st century is becoming an innovative disruptor for many organizations.  The emergence of the internet, availability of broadband access, and ability to self-organize allows ideas large and small to achieve a critical mass and create a global presence for their organization.

S & G Endeavors is excited that we’ve just had an article published addressing this developing landscape of collaboration.

The article, featured in the spring issue of the Organization Development Journal, asserts that “One area where OD practitioners can strategically utilize disruptive innovation is in facilitating virtual large group dialogue. Using a whole system collaborative framework, leaders can build a shared organizational strategy using conference call technology.”

a young woman walking along a campus sidewalk with a guide dog, her woman instructor is walking to her left

The article highlights a case study where the virtual approach was used to facilitate collaborative dialog that created a strategic framework and action plans to support the goals. From the case introduction, we learn about one of S & G Endeavors’ favorite clients:

At the end of January 2014, an ad hoc Orientation and Mobility (O&M)/Guidedog Mobility Instructors (GDMI) Summit Steering Committee (known at that time as the O&M PA Working Group) embarked upon a journey to transform the future for O&M/GDMI professionals. Such professionals provide orientation and mobility services to blind and visually impaired consumers. The two groups of professionals are linked by the Association of Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER), an organization that serves as the professional development association for such professionals. Leadership of the adhoc steering committee embarked on this work as affiliated members of AER, however, they aspired to step out of the AER umbrella to have a larger conversation about the future of their respective careers.

Hence, the ad hoc summit steering committee was formed with the charge to guide a journey to transform the future for O&M and GDMI professionals.

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[Through a series of five virtual meetings, they came] “together as a community of committed stakeholders to ensure the future success of the O&M/GDMI profession and its efforts to most successfully serve consumers.”

The full article highlights the success of the virtual summit, the outcomes achieved by the collaborative work of the participants, and the overwhelming support for a virtual approach to strategic planning from the evaluations conducted throughout the summit and the overall process.

little girl trailing a row of lockers with her cane and hand.

The steering committee continues to make progress on the actions identified during the summit, and is working with AER and the participants to ensure that the actions from the summit are realized. Though change takes time and exploring new ways to get long-standing organizations to adapt can be difficult, the steering committee is already seeing some progress as it ensures a stronger future for O&M/GDMI Service Providers, and most important, for the consumers they serve.

For the most up-to-date news from the steering committee, visit www.pbvimobility.com.

The full article must be purchased from the Organization development Journal. Please contact us directly if you would like a copy or to discuss the results of such a process further.

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