S & G Unveils training for trainers and facilitators

S & G endeavors is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Rob Sadowsky to offer the Training for Trainers workshop to help organizations teach their leaders to be better facilitators, educators, curriculum developers, and for some, a transformation in the way they are able to bring people together to accomplish a goal. In a Training for Trainers course, the curriculum focuses primarily on the role, style and skills of the trainer, and curriculum design issues such as exercises, participation techniques and tools to convey information and skills.

“I had spent years organizing people, facilitating community conversations and developing curriculum for how to guide those conversations. After taking this workshop, I learned new techniques, and made some fundamental changes to my approach that made me more effective as a facilitator. These skills are as helpful leading a conversation out in the community as they are leading a conversation with our team in the office. This training is valuable for any personnel working to engage communities.” –Adolfo Hernandez, Board Member, Active Transportation Alliance

“I just had a workshop attendee ask if we provide this type of training for facilitators, and I am so excited we have formed this partnership to deliver such critical training to educators, advocates, and other community leaders,” says Jeremy Grandstaff, a co-founder of S & G. “This partnership with Rob creates an opportunity for those who are already doing great work, to continue to explore and find new ways to make their future work better.”


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