SGE Media Spotlight

SGE Media – What do we do? Some quick updates and links.

The media portion of S&G Endeavors is ready to help you create your media strategy for you or your company in 2017.  Combined with SGE Consulting, our project approach to media includes:

Webinar Design & Delivery

Episodic Show Conceptualization

Team & Project Management

Video Conference Design

Live Broadcasting on Social Media

Here are a couple examples of our work by highlighting some of the great organizations and projects that we are are a part of. Please like and share any of the organizations, websites, or videos that you find interesting


G1NBC is working with league owners of the FireFan Sports App, to bring you their new broadcast- G1NBC Fire Tv! FireFan allows you to play live sports with Superstars and friends in the world’s largest sporting network. Users make their picks on pre-game a
ndin-game scenarios to test their knowledge and know-how for their favorite teams’ games. 

Sign up for the G1NBC Fire league here, and be sure to check out the first episode of G1NBC Fire TV, and watch new episodes on Thursdays at 10pm ET by subscribing to John’s G1NBC channel!

The Global Engagement Network     

The Global Engagement Network is a new media cooperative dedicated to live streaming and the creation of micro-content. They are starting 2017 with their new show, GEN Weekly, a featured look at the hot topics and issues from the previous week. To learn more about the Global Engagement Network, visit their website at!


NEXUS4change Logo

Nexus4Change brings leaders, practitioners, activists, scholars and students together to advance the field of whole systems change, so that together, they can address critical challenges and opportunities in our world. They connect individuals who are dedicated to using principles of collaboration and dialogue based methods with the use of tools including webinars, trainings, conferences, small group discussions, and other opportunities.

They are currently promoting their first webinar of 2017, focusing on Cultural Considerations for Leading Teams and Collaboration. For more information on NEXUS4change and all their upcoming webinars, conferences, and trainings, visit and their You Tube channel.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more information about planning your media strategy for 2017 and beyond by e-mailing [email protected].