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The power of dialog, when coupled with the use of small group approaches, can help an organization create buy-in and increase ownership to the actions produced from discussions.

Thursday December 21st we launched SGE Connections, a live monthly discussion designed to connect S & G Endeavors clients with tools, techniques, and knowledge to transform their work.

On this episode, we heard from three of our colleagues  on how they worked with S & G Endeavors to design and host collaborative dialog that resulted in action for their organizations.

We discussed live:

  • How the Nebraska of Health and Human Services has created dynamic discussions that drive action implementation by their Nebraska Walkable Communities steering committee;
  • How Jeremy and Mary used collaboration to transform the work of NFBV Convention participants; and,
  • How Public Health Solutions used small group dialog to gather feedback, build consensus, and help the community of Hebron secure funding for new bike/walk trails.

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