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One of our collaborative partners, Ted Sarvata, is working with S & G consultant, Rob Sadowsky, on offering simple one-shot sessions that will help your organization or company explore an area that is slowing you down or simply keeping you from really thriving. It’s really up to your team to move forward, but we’ll work with you to get at the root causes of what is getting you “stuck” and help identify clear, accountable action steps to move forward.

Ted worked with Rob at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to help identify how serious a ineffective database/CRM system (SalesForce) was holding back the organization. It was a topic that kept coming back on performance reviews, at strategic meetings and was often the excuse used on why something couldn’t get done. Program team staff complained that they didn’t have the time to input information into SalesForce. The membership manager spent all of their time inside the database and no time working to grow the membership. On top of that, the membership manager was the de facto system administrator for the organization. Ted worked to put all the key team leaders in a room to address the problem and build solutions. The organization put the resources it needed to into a System Administrator that specialized in Salesforce and things started to improve.

Having an outside facilitator for this type of discussion is key. Many folks feel very personally attached to the way things are now and it takes a special care to pull out the core issues without hurting feelings and without placing blame. An outside facilitator, trained in process, can also see things that team members cannot see because they are too inside the problem itself.

I was recently talking to a client about their own needs. At first, the Executive Director stated pretty assertively that he didn’t feel that the organization was stuck on anything. Short of not having enough time and resources, everything seemed to be working well. But after a bit of prodding we find that the lack of an effective volunteer engagement program with clear ways for people to sign up to be a volunteer was holding them back. But after that reveal, we started talking about how the board’s committees weren’t really working well. Now our only dilemma was which problem to approach first. I hope to report back in late June after their board and committee chairs gather to talk about building effective committees with clear reporting and measurement tools.

Ted and Rob are available for Solution Sessions in Portland, Oregon. Rob is available with Jeremy outside the Oregon area.

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CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use No attribution required

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