Some Exciting Updates From SGE Media

This month, SGE Media has worked with our partners to create dynamic conversation based media–have you seen our live broadcasts (read below for more).  

I’m proud to announce that we have formed partnerships with the three cooperatives, which were discussed here in our last update. All have a demonstrated commitment to support social broadcasting in some form, and we are so excited to be working with them and provide them with coaching, as they develop and grow.  

Check out the happenings from Global Engagement Network and NEXUS4change below.



Last weeks webinar

Ever wondered how culture impacts your organization’s conversations, planning, or even strategy? You are in luck: NEXUS4change just held a webinar last week on Cultural Considerations for Leading Teams and Collaboration. Watch that webinar below!

ISODC Update

On February 21st, NEXUS4change is partnering with ISODC to bring you a virtual roundtable discussion on Tackling Implicit Bias. Implicit Bias is the bias in judgment and/or behavior that results from subtle cognitive processes. As practitioners and scholars, we face many opportunities and challenges in our work with our clients, especially when it comes to our clients judgments and even those judgments that we may make. Join NEXUS4change and ISODC for this virtual roundtable where we’ll tap into the power of collaborative conversation to help you explore how implicit bias impacts your work. Register here!


Global Engagement Network

The Global Engagement Network continues to broadcast its weekly show, GEN Weekly, every Tuesday at 10pm ET in order to give you an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the week’s events, free of corporate bias. View all their past episodes here!

GEN will also hold its first monthly web conference on Sunday, January 29th at 7PM ET. This virtual conversation gives you an opportunity to help determine what a 21st Century Media Co-op Looks Like. We’ll discuss how independent media outlts can work together, in an age where “facts” are called into question,  to create a more powerful, credible, and independent media. Register for the virtual conversation here and ensure your voice is part of this critical conversation.

We’ll continue to provide you with updates on the Global Engagement Network and NEXUS4change as well as our work with throughout the year, including our newest sports program G1NBC Fire TV.  Please check them out and get involved in as many as you see fit.  

Using the SGE process of designing collaborative conversations, we’ll continue to help you, and these co-ops, create compelling media that actively engages its audience.

Do you want to partner with us to develop or join any of these organizations? Do you have a project that you would like to propose to any of these communities? Be sure to reach out or leave us a comment below.

Stay Tuned