S&G Endeavors Services: New Structure & Graphics

Using collaboration and coaching to help today’s leaders and facilitators transform their work and create the change they want to see.

Since 2002 we have been helping organizations and people with taking action by creating customized plans using our four phase Engaged Change TM process.  As a review of our web presence and marketing approach for our company, we took a good look at the services that we provide and organized them into a structure that we feel truly reflects what we do with our clients.  We sat down as a team, looked at our existing list of services, sorted them into groups of similar offerings, added some detail to each section, and then named them: Growing Organizations, Developing People, Customizing Experiences.

We had our friends at The Master Collective in Cleveland Ohio work on creating some great images to help convey the message for each category.  Here is our newly represented list of services for S&G Endeavors.  Let us know what you think of the structure and design in the comments section of the platform where you came across this post.

Growing Organizations

Helping Organizations Create Change and Take Action

Meetings– Host a project launch meeting between a variety of agencies or partners that creates a unified and grow ord servcollaborative action plan.
Retreats– Conduct a department, staff, or board retreat that results in increased teaming and cohesive action.
Stakeholder-Engaged Strategic or Long-Range Planning: Use a collaborative process to engage your system of stakeholders, gather data and perspective, and create an actionable and measurable strategy to best position your organization or community.
Performance Audits – Engage our consultants to conduct a comprehensive audit to evaluate your organization or company and establish clear steps to improve your operations and services. This audit is geared to help nonprofits or small-to-medium sized businesses evaluate how they are doing internally and what they can be doing better to reach their goals.

Developing People

Guiding People to Create Change and Take Action

One-on-one Executive Coaching– Work with our seasoned professional consultants who have more than thirty yearsdev peop serv nonprofit operations and executive management experience to create personal change in you that will impact long-term change for your organization.

Leadership and Management Training– Our Team provides training for your entire management team or other leaders in your organization. Workshops may include: working as a team, creating clear objectives and outcomes for employees, holding great meetings, and others. Training Overviews

Facilitation and Change Agent Training– This dynamic and intensive training will prepare participants to facilitate groups as small as ten to as large as a couple hundred by using small groups that maximize participation and build leaders.

Customizing Experiences

Using Proven Collaborative Processes to Create Customized and Engaged Change™

S&G Endeavors facilitation and collaborative planning approaches, our services, extends from collaborative change methods, techniques, and meeting designs that have been developed since the 1950’s & 60’s.  The way that we blend these approaches together to serve our clients and meet their needs is what makes S&G Endeavors unique.   cust

Some examples of how we can further customize Engaged Change™ to meet your unique needs include, but not limited to:
Critical Conversation Facilitation- Critical conversations, whether in-person or virtual, are the springboard to increasing productivity, solving problems, or imagining what’s next for your firm. S&G will work with your team to design and facilitate the collaborative and interactive dialog on a topic of your choosing, bringing people from across the globe into a dialog that is productive, actionable, and critical to your growth.

Social Broadcasting – Live Broadcasting of customized conversations using Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, G1NBC, & Steem giving our clients an added promotional benefit for their work.

Conference Design – Designing in-person or virtual conferences & interactive conversations that engage participants and create action for growth.

Contact us for a today for a consult on creating a customized experience toward taking individual or collaborative action.