Successful Facilitation Helps Chamber Board Move Forward with more Unified Energy

GLCC Board Picture

On February 1, I had the opportunity to facilitate a board retreat for the DC GLBT Chamber of Commerce. The day involved getting more connected as a board, having in-depth discussions to improve board effectiveness, and other ways to increase board leadership. As a corporate member of the Chamber, I was very excited that a portion of our work together also included these exceptional leaders focusing an entire section of the agenda on ensuring that the member experience is the best it can possibly be. There’s no doubt that Chamber members will realize and benefit from the work these dedicated leaders are doing for the Chamber, and I’m so proud to be a member of this exceptional organization.

As you know, S & G facilitates board retreats, strategic planning, and other dialog-based and collaborative events that help to transform an organization or a company to be more successful. When reflecting on our work, Mark Guenther (Executive Director for the chamber) says, “I believe that [S & G Endeavors’] skills and expertise helped our board achieve a unified understanding of what it means to work together and how to focus our energies toward fulfilling our mission.” Helping our clients fulfill their mission is the key reason we started S & G, so make sure you reach out so we can help your organization or company through your journey to success.

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