Summer Reading List: Level Up!

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Summer Reading

Well, it’s hot today in both Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon (not so sunny in Cleveland, though), so we thought we cook up a list of Summer Reading from our consultant team in order to give our clients and colleagues some insight into what guides our work with you. I’ve organized the list into two categories: books for individual or organizational change for leaders and executives and books for people interested in learning about deeper “whole scale change” for larger transformation.

We’ve linked to sites directly managed by the author when possible. So, check it out, leave your comments on FB with which ones you liked and ones we should add to the list from your own perspective. Hope your summer brings you the change you want to create.

Leadership and Growth Books

Are you in charge of a team or an entire organization? Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team is a classic that helps groups understand the importance of building trust and how to grow. This book appeared on both Jeremy and Rob’s best lists:

Learn techniques for building clear accountability and move your organization forward through: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits or Scaling Up (new version):

Meetings getting you down? Well, you’re not alone. Read this book and transform how you operate and schedule meetings, told in a modern day fable format–again on Jeremy and rob’s lists. Death by Meetings, Patrick Lencioni:

Straightforward strategic planning for small to mid-size organizations:

Learn new techniques for hiring great employees. This book is short and inspiring: Who: The A Method for Hiring:

Change your time management skills now, seriously, just do it now. But first, read: Time Management from the Inside Out:

Stop focusing on improving the things you don’t do well, instead, focus on what you are great at. Blend that with coworkers who bring different strengths. This book comes with a code for testing, so buy this new: StrengthsFinder 2.0:

Books for folks interested in leadership and whole scale change

At S&G, we blend a variety of collaborative change methods together in an approach that best serves our clients. This book gives you an overview of just some of the processes we’ll use to help you achieve the change you want to create. The Change Handbook (both edition):

There are experts who tell you what to do and then there are experts in the process (like S&G), which helps you tap into your own company’s wisdom to create your owned change. This book helps explain the value of the process, the difference between both approaches, and underscore how the right process can created increasement engagement and buy-in from stakeholders you serve. Process Consultation:

You’ve heard it before, and we definitely agree with his approach to consulting. This book gives you some tips to think about consulting and how you can grow your consulting business. Million Dollar Consulting:

Meg Wheatly is also a favorite of Jeremy and John as she challenges us to think about change and relationships with leaders in new ways. If you are looking for books to transform your approach to be more holistic, thoughtful, intentional, and more focused, these books will rock your world and make that cocktail by the poll so refreshing. Here are some of her best reads:

Turning to One Another:

Leadership and the New Science:

Flawless Consulting:

When Jeremy first learned about collaborative change and the power of such methods to create change for groups of people, he fell in love with the Whole Scale Change Method. If you are really wanting to understand the power of people to create change, you should check out this book. Definitely recommended additional reading for those who like the Change Handbook (see above). Whole Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations:

So take a moment, find a couple of these that interest you, and be sure to contact us if we can help you apply some of what you’ve learned through your reading and relaxing this summer.

Brought to you by the team of Jeremy, John and Rob.

Trainer, consultant, strategic planner and executive coach for S & G Endeavors.

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