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Living Your Values-Tips to Include Equity in Your Organization

By Guest Blogger and S&G Partner Consultant: Rene Rivera As a leader of a bicycle advocacy organization over the past eight years I have seen diversity equity and inclusion become a central concern for this movement. The leading organizations in

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Join us Oct. 3rd for An Exploratory Conversation of how culture impacts you and your work

Join us as we partner with ISODC and NEXUS4change, for a dynamic dialog designed to help you: gain a fuller understanding of culture, specifically what it means to you and to your work; and to further explore related questions that will

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City Leaders Interested in Leading Change Within Your City–Here’s A Great Webinar for You

I was just passed this invitation from our partners at Nexus4change to an important webinar for city leaders interested in transforming their cities to be more effective. See below and hope to see you on the webinar.   The Next

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