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Meeting Virtually—COVID19 Doesn’t Have to Stop You

With #COVID19 changing the way we meet, many companies are adapting to, or even moving long-term to, a virtual office model. Whether you sell to the public, manage projects or teams, or manage the whole company, you are no doubt

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How Can S & G endeavors Actually Help Me?

“I’m really wondering what exactly S & G Endeavors can do to help me,” Janet began, as she pulled up her chair across the table from me. I listened intently as she continued, “My company is doing ok but we

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Seeing the Whole Picture—Reflections from a Facilitator Who’s Also Blind

I was recently told a story of a five year old blind girl, whose parents engaged the community to donate the $25K she needed for an assistance dog. When asked why she needed the dog, the parents remarked, “It picks

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Five Tips to Transform Your Meeting’s Success

One of the frustrating things one sees as a consultant is when a client learns and embraces the process and meeting design we do, but as the consultant steps back from the system, the client falls back into their old

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