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CalBike and Electric Bikes–Collaboration is the New Competition

On July 17, the California Bicycle Coalition, one of our former strategic planning clients,  announced on their homepage: a collaboration with the California Electric Bicycle Association to promote electric bikes in California. “Electric bikes can make bicycling an option for

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An interview from the Bike Austin “Accelerate” Strategy Summit

Check out this interview with one of the participants from the Bike Austin “Accelerate” Strategy summit last May. It’s neat to hear the insight that the participant brought and how the process and design of the summit made it a

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DVF Strengthens Boss/Employee Relationship

There are often times when each of us are facing resistance by our managers. Maybe, you have that great idea to take the department to the next level, but you can’t get your boss to say “yes”. Like you, I

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BikeTexas creating their next strategy with the help of S&G

Thought we would highlight this recent blog post from BikeTexas–talking a bit about the strategic planning work they are doing with S&G. It’s awesome to see this organization ensuring their strategy reflects the views of the diverse cycling community they serve across

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