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TTAT Workshop Helps Participants Bring Communities Together for Strategic Action

Workshop handouts-SGE for TTATĀ | workshop presentation packet-SGE for TTAT Thanks to those who attended my TTAT workshop this morning. We had an awesome workshop and I look forward to your success stories. Download the handouts and presentation packet above and

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BikeAustin and ACA Reach A Milestone in Their Strategic Planning

A quick and heart-felt congratulations to the leadership team and task force helping to bring together the leaders of Bike Austin and Austin Cycling Association. Their recent press release marks a major and public milestone in their project and we’re

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Why use S & G Endeavors Strategic Development Process with Your Organization?

I’m always asked why are process works and is so important to helping an organization achieve real change and success? Check out the details for the S&G model that drives our work and be sure to share with your friends.

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