Upcoming Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking Summit

On January 28th, the hard working team at Bike Easy will be holding their Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking summit! Registration is now available at www.bikeeasy.org. If you are in the Greater New Orleans area and care about walking, biking, or the community and environmental benefits of getting out of the car, then sign up today!

The Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking Summit will bring together community voices to develop an action plan for bettering our region through improved mobility. The event, hosted by Bike Easy and facilitated by S&G Endeavors, is being supported by a broad, diverse planning committee and seeks the input of all people in the region who care about biking and walking and the public health, economic, environmental, and community benefits of increased mobility. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Purpose and Outcomes

The purpose for the Greater New Orleans Biking and Walking Summit is to:

  • Build a common understanding of opportunities to improve mobility that generates momentum, celebrates strengths, and capitalizes on personal priorities of all people in Greater New Orleans who bike and walk or who would like to bike and walk more;
  • Elevate and energize the community, leadership, and key stakeholders, as a whole, around an inspiring, collective vision of our potential to continue bringing the benefits of safe, accessible streets to all people in the region; and,
  • Create a unified voice, a concrete action plan and a clear roadmap for a multi-year, transparent, strategic plan for building a movement that works towards improved street conditions for people of all ages and abilities who bike, walk, and move around the region without an automobile.

We are very excited to be a part of this summit with the folks at Bike Easy! We’re looking forward to having some great conversation to promote change in the New Orleans area! Don’t forget to register today to be a part of the summit at www.bikeeasy.org!!