What is Social Broadcasting?

“The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.” – StarlightMediaHouse

Social broadcasting is the combination of two direct platform convergences from technology, social media and live broadcasting. This combination of technology and the current ease for the average person to learn the process for creating content using this technology opens up broad possibilities for marketers, performers, production companies, and really anyone with a message that they want to have heard.

Check out this awesome graphic from www.socialbroadcasts.uk, Reading from left to right you can see the progression of content development through a lens of its role/effect and its evolution of focus. In the 21st century, with all of the tools we have to organize, connect socially, and now broadcast you can see that the individual is now in the driver’s seat for the next generation of media content.  So now, with social broadcasting, anyone can be a podcaster or content creator, sharing their stories and creating conversations for their audience.

Graphic 1
Social Broadcasts
Published and Created by Social Broadcasts UK – http://www.socialbroadcasts.co.uk/about#aboutsb

One last thing on this graphic, check out the five main points on the right highlighting the benefit of this evolution of integrating social media technology and broadcasting. I took a stab at my own interpretation of them:

  • A platform for engagement and conversations through active listening.
  • Future participation and audience participation can be more important than audience size.
  • Meet them where they are at. A station or studio is not required.
  • We do not have to follow the same rules as traditional “mass media” broadcasters.
  • The technology is evolving. You kind of have to just start and grow from there.

By taking content and broadcasting it on social media, the provider is able to have a direct conversation with their audience or fans. Broadcasting onto social media also helps to get the word out, posting to multiple sites increases your content’s reach, track views, engage with your audience, and increase its shelf life.

At SGE Media Group, we use our consulting process to help organizations hone in the right social broadcast that fits their needs. Restreaming a sports podcast, hosting a live roundtable discussion, or creating a quick promotional commercial for your event are all ways to go live on your page and interact with your audience. We can help make that happen.

Let SGE Media help you create your next virtual engagement event

Whether you are a company that is just getting started, a business that is looking to gain a larger internet presence, or if you are advocating for a cause, we can get you started with creating social broadcasting content for your organization. Also, through our partnership with G1NBC.com, we can work with you to create a new network of local social broadcasters that can quickly disrupt the current state of corporate media.

Example Social Broadcasts

Restream – A branded content provider partners with G1NBC to re-broadcast their live events.  Any individual piece of content (either live or produced). A host will introduce the content, and some audience engagement is incorporated.

Example: G1NBC Restream – We own and manage G1NBC Cuyahoga County. Here is our restream Episode 1 on The Connected Web Series a Cleveland based and filmed crime drama and WOTN Cleveland, a local news broadcast with a unique twist.

NETEX (™)  – Network Exchange.  A simple promotional broadcast for our broadcast partners, content providers, and Your Local Hometown businesses. Longer than the typical commercial, we interview you in order to learn more about your event, organization, or upcoming promotion.

Example:  A media sponsorship for One World Day – Cleveland featuring information about the event and interviews with several representatives from the event committee.

Fancast – A group of fans who want to talk about their favorite team or subject.  Great for individuals and organizations that are just getting started with live broadcasting.  Live participation and chat with the audience is incorporated.

Example: This is a social broadcast that I created for my Cleveland Browns fans. The fans that want to talk live come into a video conference room and then we broadcast live on either facebook or you tube, giving the audience an ability to interact live via chat, sending comments, or join on camera.  This is our ninth episode of the “It’s Better with Hue – Browns Fancast”

Virtual Roundtable – Your team broadcasts a show based on a specific topic, series of topics, or show concept.  Several individuals can be on the call at the same time. Great for having an engaging conversation about the topic and interact with your audience in real time.

Example: We produced a virtual roundtable for the Global Engagement Network on the topic of Civil Rights in the 21st Century. We conducted a panel discussion with breakout groups using video conference technology and broadcast this live to their you tube channel.  Good demonstration of live audience engagement on two platforms simultaneously.

With any of our production options, you can include:
Branded hosting of your organization/event;
Production support and delivery of content;
Personalized and private design of your broadcasts

We Meet You Where You Are

We use video conference technology to bring people together to design and produce the program. People are bound by their bandwidth, not by their location. The topics can be worldly, local, focused, scattered, professional, indie, good, bad or otherwise. We meet online and work with you to design your creative broadcast idea to the web.

Contact Us today to talk about a social broadcast option that fits your needs or to learn more about G1NBC.com and creating media for a changing world.

“Social broadcasting is about engaging people in conversation – in fact when we broadcast, I can see in real time how many people are watching, I can answer questions and post broadcast, I can promote streamed content – if I choose to – for even greater reach.” Pete Ward – YourFix.tv